Spring Floral Tips with Petal Post

This week we teamed up with our friends Petal Post to show you how to make the perfect floral arrangement this spring.

Petal Post are a Sydney based florist who send out a box of flowers straight to you with tips and tricks on making your own arrangement. So if you like what you see here and what to get creative with flowers every week, we highly suggest checking out Petal Post!


  1. Choose flowers that you love and that make you happy.  Consider what colours would suit the space you intend them for.
  2. Don’t forget the foliage!  Foliage adds volume & structure to your arrangement.
  3. Have a variety of textures, by choosing softer flowers as well as nuts or berries.  Choose different flower shapes and sizes for interest.
  4. Don’t choose too many flowers!  Sticking to a few favourites will make the arranging process simpler and more enjoyable.

The flowers we’ve chosen are: local Snapdragons, local Roses, Berzellia, Wax Flower, Sun Fern in fresh whites and greens –  all Australian grown, of course!


A good tip to remember is the height of your flowers should be around 2/3 whilst the vase itself just 1/3.  A cylindrical vase is very versatile as it provides supports for the taller stems, whilst the generous neck allows room for the flowers to fall in place without being too compacted together.  We’ve chosen the Zakkia Aqua Vase for this reason.

Always use a clean vase with fresh clean water.


It’s a good idea to get your flowers into water straight away, give their stems a decent snip on an angle and pop them in some fresh water.  This will let them rehydrate whilst you prepare your vase. Always strip off any leaves that may fall below the water line of your vase.

ROSE TIPS: Usually when you receive Roses their thorns have been removed, if any remain gently snap them off with your thumb before you begin working with them.  Often the ‘guard petals’ have been left on, some may be bruised or marked as they protect the Rose during transit.  You can remove them gently by pulling the petal off, or leave them as they are – they’ll only add to the beauty of the Rose as it opens.


As you take each stem, snip it to the perfect height to suit your vase.

Start with the foliage, place the stems on an angle crossing each other, providing support for the other flowers when placed.

Add the Berzellia in a cluster to one side.  Then create a cluster of roses on the other side of the arrangement. Take the tallest stemmed Rose and pop it toward the back, working your way forward with the other Rose stems, snipping them shorter toward the front.

The Snapdragons can be popped in at the back of the arrangement for height.

Add detail and prettiness by using the Wax to fill in all the gaps.


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