How to Make Your House a Home – A Chat with Bupa

Bupa wanted to sit down and chat with us about what little things we do to make our house a home. Read about our tips below!

Cosy home feeling featuring our Dimple Tray, Speckle Plate + Tab series

Pay Attention to the Details to Make Your House a Home

The design pieces you choose to adorn your home with can make all the difference between it feeling like a home as opposed to merely a house. Decorating your home is not about having huge, expensive pieces of art everywhere; rather, it is the small details that can have the largest impact.

At ZAKKIA, we have embraced the Swedish aesthetic of form and simplicity in our designs. The products we create are beautifully handcrafted, fully embracing the natural materials and letting the true beauty of each shine through. Pay tribute to your living space by decorating it only with pieces you truly love, ones that show your character.

Group Your Favourite Things Together

We often find that grouping decorative objects together is a great way to create an interesting story in the home, and it allows you to get creative and experiment with different heights, textures and materials. This was just one of the tips we offered Bupa Life Insurance for their recent article on ‘How to Make Your House a Home‘. But there are many other ways you can make your living space feel more homey.

Ceramic + Concrete pots grouped together to create an indoor garden

Use the Rule of Threes

When placing decorative pieces around your home, try arranging them in groups of three. This will allow you to create a flow and tell a story through your decor. Be sure to mix and match various colours, textures and sizes within each grouping to make it truly eye-catching. Don’t worry if the pieces don’t match together exactly. The goal is to find a common thread that ties them together, not to perfectly coordinate them.

Play Around with Textures

Here at ZAKKIA, we take inspiration with the natural materials available to us in Australia. We don’t try to force anything to be something it’s not, instead working with the natural beauty of each material to create pieces that are truly unique. Our aesthetic is not about bold statements, focussing instead on what makes each material uniquely beautiful in its own right. When the natural colours and textures are allowed to show through, we can create pieces with timeless aesthetic appeal.

Don’t Neglect the Display Base

It can often be easy to get so caught up in choosing the decorative items themselves that you can completely forget about what those items will be displayed upon. The display venue is just as important as the piece itself, so devote just as much attention to choosing this as well. In many cases, you’ll want to choose something neutral to allow the piece to speak for itself, but sometimes, a strategically placed statement piece, like an ornate tray, can become the focal point of the room and a talking point among guests to your home.

For us it’s the small details that really make a house a home. Growing up in Sweden we called this feeling ‘mys’, which loosely translates to that cosy feeling of being in a comfortable, well-designed space that is designed for enjoyment with family and friends.

Don’t forget about the hallway with Terrazzo Hooks, Vases + Dimple Trays

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