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Hello Spring!

Can you believe it? We survived another Winter!

Here at ZAKKIA we love Spring. The lead up to summer gets us excited for warmer weather, long picnics in the sun, freckled shoulders, fresh fruit, and flowers in full bloom. We are also excited for a spring clean and taking care of our gardens that might have taken a beating during the cooler months.

It also means the relaunch of our blog posts. This season we will be bring you Spring inspo, giveaways, interviews, and a special events. Kicking off we created a Spring inspo Pinterest board – check it out below.

We hope you have a lovely Spring season!

We are loving pinks and oranges this season, as well as glass to show off our flower market finds. Luckily we have this colour palette covered for you.

Click through to see the rest of our Spring picks!

Inspiration boards

Create Your Scandinavian Bedroom

We love sharing ideas for styling your home with a Scandinavian touch! And where better to start than with one of the homes most important spaces – the bedroom.

Creating a welcoming Scandinavian bedroom is about three things. Colour. Texture. Layers. Using these three elements effectively will create that cosy feeling that we call ‘mys’ in Swedish as well as add a calming, romantic touch.

As with all Scandinavian interiors less is more, so focusing on quality, minimalist pieces is the best way to design a room for longevity. Okay, now it’s time to let these stunning pictures do all the talking!


The power of subtle colour can’t be championed enough in a successful Scandinavian bedroom! Splash it on the walls, soft textiles, artwork and small decor pieces to build interest and depth to this intimate room.

coloir 5 colopur one colour 3 colour four

layer header

Experiment with different heights, lengths, patterns and stacks. Gather up your old white magazines and pile them on the floor with a mirror leaning on top, or create a floor gallery of your favourite framed paintings.

layer 2 layer 3 layer 4 layer one


We call it ‘mys’ in Swedish – loosely translating to cosy in English, but it’s that feeling that comes from being wrapped up in a blanket, or stretched out on a soft velvet cushion. Adding textures like leather, hide and warm brass are the finishing touches to creating a truly simple Scandinavian space.

texture 2 texture 3 texture velvet cushion texture1