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ZAKKIA’S New 2017 Collection 02

We are so excited to give you a sneak peak at our newest collection – 17:02. The new collection has a more of a mature and dark feel, so get cosy as we show you what we have been working on for the past 6 months.

In our 2017 Collection 02 we have explored a darker side, drawing inspiration from a winter spent in Sweden where the mornings are icy and the waters frozen. Where the sun barely makes an appearance and the trees are bare. 

We have experimented with new materials such as frosted handblown glass, silver metal and painted ceramics.

The process of mouthblown glass making our new Bulb, Orb & Collar Glass Vases

We believe that your coffee and tea should be enjoyed slowly. There is joy in the process of preparing your favourite cup of coffee, of smelling the aroma of freshly ground beans as the hot water hits them.

Our new filters are certainly not the quickest way to brew your coffee, but they do allow you to enjoy the whole process. Handmade from ceramic the filters have a base plate in solid brass, allowing them to be used on almost any size mug.

Enjoy slow living with our Coffee Brewer & Tab Mugs


As always, we have something for the garden lover. This collection we wanted to go back to the roots – literally. We created our Botanic Vases and Plant Misters to make us appreciate where all great things come from and make us slow down. Nothing says patience like watching an avocado seed grow!

Bringing the our doors in – Botanic Vases & Plant Mister

As always our products are designed by us in Sydney and crafted by hand by our skilled makers in Vietnam and India. We continue to work with the same family run workshops we have collaborated with since the beginning. Through these partnerships we aim to contribute to keeping traditional skills and crafts alive.

Ceramic love – Poke Vase Set of 3

Our new collection will be released September 2017. 

Check out our Pinterest for the rest of our shoot photos and 17:02 inspiration. You can also see our catalogue here.

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How we found the concrete gurus



The idea for Zakkia is something that had been unconsciously brewing for a long time, and what started out as a small creative outlet quickly grew into a much bigger thing. One piece was designed, and then another, and before we had fully realised there was an entire collection-worth of designs sketched out waiting to be made.




One thing we learned early on in this journey is that there are times when you feel like you can do everything, and other times when you need to take a step back and remind yourself that there are other people out there who can probably do this part better. It was one of these realisations that prompted us to source production partners. And we knew that these partners had to be just that – they aren’t simply people with impeccable craftsmanship and skill in their area of expertise, but we wanted them to be a real part of who Zakkia is.

This was always our intention and the fact that it has become reality is honestly a happy coincidence. In the beginning we were a team of one with a lot of ideas and little time to make them happen. We did as much research as we could but found the best way to get to know our partners was to jump right in and start working together. This is how we found the concrete gurus.




Firstly we love working concrete for its design flexibility, durability and aesthetic, however this is only part of the reason there is so much of this material in our range. The other reason Zakkia is renowned for concrete is thanks to the gurus in southern Vietnam. These partners transformed our dream of airy, foamy-ocean-cap-looking concrete into a reality, by hand.




The photos in this post were taken earlier this year when we went to visit our partners in Vietnam for the purpose of helping us share our process with you, and to also impart the amount of work behind each Zakkia product.

We have come across producers in other regions who have offered to produce our designs by machine in much less time for much less money. Each time they approach us we kindly decline the offer in favour of our reliable Vietnamese friends because the bottom line, whilst important, isn’t what drives Zakkia.


What drives us is the community that has grown around Zakkia and our commitment to doing whatever we can to preserve it.




Collaboration Handmade

Collaborating with Emma Kate Co.

Mid last year we happily stumbled across the magical work of Emma Kate Co. through social media. We knew instantly that there was something special about her work, but also a unique charisma about Emma herself that we had to know more about. So on June 26th I typed a hopeful email that started the motions for our exciting journey over the next six months.

Since meeting Emma we have fallen deeply for her creative and playful world, and we are excited to have launched our candle collaboration together with our 2016: Collection 01 last month. We have met over coffees, champagnes and as exhausted bodies slumped over trade show stands in order to get this project happening. And we are so glad we did!

Apart from being a great collaboration buddy, Emma is a talented designer of stationery and lifestyle products under her label Emma Kate Co. She is also a worldly traveller and inspiring writer – you can see more of her work on her website here.

Now it is time that you get to know and enjoy this pint-sized powerhouse for yourself!

Good Morning

Photography by Sam McAdam Cooper, styling by Corina Koch


Let’s pretend we just met. Who is Emma-Kate Codrington and what do we need to know about you?

(Hello, it’s lovely to meet you!) I’m a designer – a traveller – and dreamer.

In short, I live stories and write about them.

More specifically – I’m a graphic designer, hand-letterer, illustrator and all-round creative wayfarer. I’m travel obsessed, always on a plane and chasing the sun. A little over six months ago, I launched into the world my first stationery collection Wild Hearts, under my brand name Emma Kate Co. and it’s been a wild, non-stop adventure ever since. And importantly… I’m having so much fun!


Describe the moment you realized you had found your creative and business path

I’ve had coloured pencils in my hand as long as I can remember. But it was when I was fifteen that my real creative path was inspired. I serendipitously met the founder of the international stationery brand Intrinsic – Adèle Basheer. We connected powerfully, and Adèle soon became my mentor, and later my employer. She helped me realise that I could actually make a living doing the creating I adored, and inspired me to make a last minute, heart-led BIG switch from Psychology to design after high school. Because… why not? I jumped into a new creative world – and never looked back.

My business path was much more recent. A little over twelve months ago, I found myself on a one-way plane back to Australia, when my UK visa didn’t work out, and my life in London came to an abrupt and rather severed ending. Literally plucked out of one reality and thrown into another, with no plan B, I found myself with a whole lot of space and immediate accountability – it was new beginning in every sense, and I decided to pursue something big and different. Determined to run with opportunity, I went full tilt for my dream.




Emma Kate Co Tasmania

What has been your biggest highlight in the short lived 2016?

My collaboration with Zakkia – of course! Seriously, this collaboration feels like something written in the stars, and it has from the get go. There’s total alignment with our shared vision and also a deep respect for each other’s skills. What could top these candles?! I also spent a long weekend frolicking in lavender fields in Daylesford (Victoria), which was three days of more fun and rest than I can remember.


What drives you to keep creating?

It’s total instinct. For me, design is alchemy. It comes as naturally to me as breathing. I feel a pull, an instinctual need to create. If I don’t, it feels like looking through a telescope backwards. Everything is fuzzy and disorientating and my sense of purpose erodes away. The world needs more love, and for me, art brings that lightness + warmth + meaning.

So really, the drive is there unwaveringly. I’m never not inspired to create.


Whenever we catch up you are always working on a million exciting things. What would your absolute ideal day look like?

My ideal day would involve a strong soy coffee, a plane ride, wildflowers, an out-of-the-blue email, a beach wander (with gold pink sky), deep belly laughter, a wine and cheese type scenario, and being kissed goodnight. I don’t mind where that would all play out in the world, but those elements combined would definitely make up my ideal day.


Typographic illustration from Emma Kate Co.'s Wild Hearts Collection

Typographic illustration from Emma Kate Co.’s Wild Hearts Collection


Is there anything you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey?

That I can do anything, but not everything.

I wouldn’t have listened, of course.

But it’s my current, and ongoing lesson. I want to do so much, but hours of the day – realistically, are finite. And it’s pivotal to prioritise.

And also, to play more! To carve out some space and create for the sake of creating and for play, not always for outcome.


What helps you stay balanced as you juggle business, travel and personal time?

Honestly? I don’t. I live a life of immersion, and I think that’s the only way I will be able to exist and thrive as a creative.

I live and breathe this dream. Work spills into my life, my life spills into my work, the line between the two is fuzzy and I like – no. I love it that way. My work is absolutely an extension of myself, because I am my brand. But more than that – quite often my retailers become confidants, my collaborators become best friends, and when I really think about it, my downtime is always just as filled with self-directed creative projects – as ‘work’ time is. I think for creative entrepreneurs it’s different than a typical employment field. We’re in this industry because we want complete immersion.

I think a key lesson in balance for me this past year has been one of visibility. The more ‘visible’ I get, the more protective I feel about carving space for downtime and nurturing privacy – experiences and precious time with loved ones that aren’t documented on a camera roll, or captured anywhere at all, except in my heart.

The more I am visible and out there, the more I find myself unattached to my phone and cherishing the undocumented. So there’s that. The undocumented gives me balance.


Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper, styling by Corina Koch

Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper, styling by Corina Koch

Having travelled so much recently, where could you see yourself living other than Australia? What would you be doing there?

London will always have my heart as my second home. I lived there for two years, and before that, a six month stint living in Montpellier (in the South of France) also. I could return to both happily and comfortably again, because they are so familiar (and I know where to get the best coffee – important!)

I’d love to call Copenhagen or Stockholm home one day, just for a little while. Scandinavia has my heart.

While it would be fun to call somewhere different ‘home’ for a new adventure – honestly, the more that I travel, the more grateful I always feel to return to Australia as a base and grow my business from here. So long as I can travel without restriction, always, I  feel so lucky to call Australia home.


If you could invite any guest over for dinner, present or past, who would it be?

Can I invite three? Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, and my grandmother, who I met as a very young child, but never had the chance to know. From what my family has said, we’d have been so close and kindred by spirit.


What is the best gift you have ever received?


Real, messy, poetic or plain, authentic, vulnerable scribed words mean the most to me. They always will.

And… travel. An ex boyfriend surprised me with a trip to a surprise destination, which turned out to be us staying on a medieval island called Mont Saint Michel in France, once, and that was incredibly magical.


What are you most excited about at the moment? Is there something special you’re working towards, or do the flowers on your table smell particularly fragrant today?

I’m very excited to experience Bali for the first time in March. This country has called me for so long! And generally speaking I am so excited by Sweet 16. I have this feeling that this year ahead is going to be such a great one.


Emma photographed by Katie Mitchell

Emma photographed by Katie Mitchell


Tea or coffee. Coffee!

Morning or night. Sunrise, or midnight (I usually see both…)

Cupcake or cocktail. Cocktail! Margarita, pretty please.

City or country. City.

Passion or profit. Passion, hands down.

Digital or handwritten. Handwritten.

Snow or sand. Snow!


Join Emma’s wonderfully whimsical world @emmakateco and through her website Emma Kate Co.


Our candle collaboration is available for preorder through our website and through Emma Kate Co. March delivery.


Header photography by Sera Wright.


Handmade in Vietnam

This time last fortnight we were travelling around the northern Vietnamese countryside with our studio partners, learning about their histories and building on the close bonds we have with each other. Today we are excited to start sharing these stories with you as the things we learnt on this trip are too good to keep to ourselves!

As you know all of our products are handmade, every single one. Even knowing this we sometimes forget just how many minds and hands take part in turning our designs into the actual product. Our most recent trip to Vietnam reinforced our beliefs in the value of our production partners for not only their skills, but for sense of joy they bring to Zakkia. We design everything in Sydney and when we share the first sketch with our partners they are just as excited as we are! They have ideas on materials, finishes and techniques, and they generously provide this knowledge that they have gathered in their ceramics village over the past 900+ years.

Each of our studio partners have a unique story and traditions and over the coming weeks we will be featuring them all individually so you can get to know them.

In the meantime, these are some of the special qualities that we love about working with all of our Vietnamese studios.


positive energy

Working with natural materials and handmade forms there are a lot of variables we have no control over. But regardless of the amount of testing or revisions throughout development, we are always met with a positive energy from our partners and it’s this ‘can do’ attitude that we absolutely love!

Zakkia team in Vietnam



constant innovation

Over the past year and a half there have been countless conversations that end with the development of a new technique or glaze. One of our ceramics partners are ninth generation ceramics masters (yes that is the technical title!) and their knowledge never ceases to blow us away.

Zakkia Raw Bowls


creativity is valued

At Zakkia we love the fact we are always creating, and this is a big box that our partners in Vietnam also tick. We work together, sometimes millimeter by millimeter, to develop and create something special for our collections. They are open to fleshing out each design and thinking of different ways to improve it, and it’s this collaborative process that makes our extended team in Vietnam all the more special to us.

raw mug painting


The latest addition to our Vietnamese community, Quinn, also needs a mention and heartfelt thank you for joining us on this trip. Quinn is a photographer based in Vietnam, you can see more of his local work here.

The products you see being handmade are all from our range – view the full collection here to see how they turned out!